Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Mushrooms!

Did you know that mushrooms have been used for THOUSANDS of years to help boost the immune system?  Talk about tried and true!  We believe the ancient people of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and China, and the native people of America were on to something.  Time to tap into this historically effective methodology for yourself!  Let Wassupplements help!

Boost your immune system naturally with our 7-in-1 Mushroom Blend

Our seven-in-one mushroom blend includes shitake, maitake, turkey tail, reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps which are ALL shown to promote immunity.  Would you rather spend your hard earned dollar on medicines to help cure what ails you, or bolster your own defense system to fight off any immuno-intruders?  The choice is simple.  We believe in building your bio-defenses to fight the good fight for you.

What are polysaccharides?

Mushroom polysaccharides are potent immuno-modulators that stabilize your immune system to create an even level of defense across the board. Let our specially balanced blend of mushrooms play the offensive and defensive for you by reinforcing your overall health and wellness.

Here’s another fun fact for you: mushrooms are more closely related to humans than plants. That being said, it is clear why mushrooms and humans’ harmonious coexistence has stood the test of time.  Mushrooms have evolved with biochemicals that can be utilized by humans. The bioactive compounds found in our seven-in-one blend perfectly fit all of your pharmacological needs!

We want you to stay happy and healthy longer by utilizing nature’s medicine. Start today with Wassupplements seven-in-one mushroom blend to help boost your immune system and notice the natural difference.  Still have questions?  Drop us a line any time via phone, email, or one of our social media platforms.  We’re here to help, in more ways than one! Now that’s wassup!

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