About Wassupplements, Our Mushrooms & Supplements

About Wassupplements

Wassupplements was created and run by myself, Tavian Nienhaus, over the course of 2020 and launched in 2021. We operate out of Cottage Grove, a quiet town at the confluence of the Coast Fork Willamette and Row Rivers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We work directly with a biotechnology company to blend different extracts from plants and mushrooms. Our goal is to create unique, natural products that satisfy the needs of our customers.


Our Mission

Stress is a significant factor in dampening the immune system, and these days many people find themselves in a constant state of triggered stress. The body adapts to constant stress by directing its energy away from the immune system and into the process of keeping you alert in an environment that requires your body to be prepared for fight or flight at a moment’s notice. We can reverse these effects if we take the time to find the path back to health. Our products jump start that process in a way that’s convenient, and helps our customers ease the transition to adopting healthier habits and behaviors so that they can live a more healthy and meaningful life.
Mushroom Capsules

About the Mushrooms

Mushrooms and herbs are powerful traditional medicinals, but they do take time and know-how to prepare properly. Our capsules, powders and other products remove the need for the end user to know how and have the time to prepare raw medicinals. Simply take a pill to get the health benefits of our herbs and mushrooms!


About Our Products and Your Order

Our assortment of herbal and mushroom based products is growing day by day. Our flagship product is our 7-in-1 Mushroom Supplement, but we are also now offering Wild Lettuce/Chicory extract, and more are on the way!

Our products are assembled and shipped from right here in the United States. You may order online here at our store, or look for our products at stores in the Pacific Northwest as we grow our distribution network. If you would like to sell at your store or buy from us in bulk, just reach out to us for special bulk ordering instructions.


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