Mushroom Health Benefits & Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Health & Consumption Questions

The optimal way to use our product is whatever way is the most convenient for you. This could be with hot water, coffee, tea, smoothie, shake, yogurt, bone broth, etc.

We have not seen any research to indicate one way over the other. We all respond differently to medicinal mushrooms so find the method that works best for you. Some might find they respond better mixing it with food, whereas others might respond better on an empty stomach.

During pregnancy, it is imperative to understand that every woman responds differently to adaptogen use. It would be best to consult your healthcare physician and proceed with caution on this topic.

There are 3 to 4 calories in a serving of 1 gram or 1000 mg.

The capsules contain 500 mg per capsule of medicinal mushroom. 2 capsules = 1000 mg of medicinal mushroom extract, which is equivalent to 1/2 tsp serving of the mushroom powder. In terms of potency and efficacy, both the capsules and powders are equally effective at delivering.

The capsule is made from hypromellose, which is vegetable-based cellulose.

Yes of course. One holistic vet who prescribes our products, recommends 1/8 teaspoon twice daily for small dogs. Scale the dosage up or down accordingly to your pet’s size. If they do not like the taste, break the servings into smaller doses given more frequently throughout the day. Pets usually don’t mind having the capsules opened and the contents mixed in with their regular food.

Mushroom Questions

The dried mushrooms are first ground into a fine powder.

Then they are cooked multiple times with water and/or alcohol. Water to release water soluble compounds, alcohol to release non-water soluble compounds.

This cooking breaks down the cell walls of the mushroom allowing for the extraction of the beneficial compounds (beta-glucans, triterpenes, etc.). The mushroom cell walls are made up of chitin, which our bodies do not have the enzymes to break down properly, so if we just eat fresh mushrooms, the active compounds are not as bioavailable to us. Hence, the requirement for extraction.

The resulting liquid from cooking the mushrooms is drained off and concentrated to the desired consistency. If any alcohol is used in the extraction, it is precipitated out (removed).

The liquid is then sent to a spray dryer, which removes all the water, leaving you with the final powder. This results a powder without any of the water and/or alcohol.

The majority of medicinal mushrooms are grown on sawdust. This sawdust is a byproduct from local sawmills. Mushrooms are great at recycling waste materials and this is a perfect example. Sawdust that might normally be thrown away or burned, can be used to grow mushrooms.

One exception to this is reishi, which is grown on individual hardwood logs in the ground. These logs come from locally sourced beech wood.

We take great pride in providing mushroom extract powders of the highest quality. One of the ways we do this is by using the mushroom (fruiting body) in all our products rather than using the mycelium (mushroom root system) which is commonly grown with grain.

All our mushroom extracts are from one of the leading suppliers of organic mushroom extracts: Hangzhou Molai Biotech Co., Ltd. They have over 15 years of mushroom growing experience and their ingredients go through rigorous quality control and are tested twice for heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, and microbial contamination to ensure they meet all standards for dietary supplements of this nature.

All of their extracts are made from certified organic mushrooms (fruiting bodies), organically grown or wildcrafted from deep within mountainous regions of China.

Mushrooms used for dietary supplements are seldom grown in North America due to the expense. In fact, China is the leading supplier of mushrooms worldwide and supplies over 85% of the world’s mushrooms. China has a rich history of mushroom use as both food and medicine. It is the birthplace of mushroom cultivation, with shiitake being farmed in the early 1200s. China is one of the only places in the world where you can get 100% organic mushroom (fruiting body) extracts that can be sold at an affordable price.

The important thing to remember with medicinal mushrooms is that they are adaptogens, and adaptogens work over long periods of time. The benefits of medicinal mushrooms are obtained through prolonged use. Medicinal mushrooms are not necessarily something you are likely to “feel” like caffeine or aspirin. Some people do say they “feel” them but it is uncommon.  You will, however, notice the benefits in a variety of other ways.

Orders and Returns Questions

You should receive tracking information with your order once the items have shipped. If you have questions about your order, you are always welcome to reach out.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns due to the nature of our products.

If you did not receive all the items in your order please call or reach out to us via email with your order number and personal information so that we can address whatever issue may have occurred.
If you received damaged goods or products as a result of shipping please call or reach out to us via email with your order number and personal information so that we can address the issue for you.

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